How To Convert PSD To WordPress

All great web design layouts start as PSD files before becoming web pages. Those who want their websites to have a custom design have to make sure they know how to convert plain layouts into active web pages. This method is known as slicing. It isn’t rocket science, but it requires a certain level of coding knowledge. Many people lack this knowledge, so they can either go for ready-made these or make use of a PSD to WordPress conversion service.

The biggest advantage of such services is that you can have a custom WordPress theme for your website or blog, without needing to write a single line of code. You can even sell unique designs to your clients, and then deliver them a fully functional theme. This is the dream of all art directors and designers who can create awesome layouts, but who lack the knowledge required to slice them and turn them into HTML or WordPress websites.

All you need to do to have your PSD design converted into a WordPress theme is to upload your design files and your specific requirements. Most of these services use experienced coders to slice your designs and turn them into web pages. Nonetheless, if you don’t want to benefit from manual coding, you can use an automated conversion service. They aren’t too bad, but you’d need to go through the files of your theme and make the required adjustments to optimize the code for search engines. If you don’t have any PHP and HTML knowledge, you should probably go for manual conversions, as they are performed with search engines in mind. Besides, manually created themes are thoroughly tested for bugs, crashes, and other known problems. The result is going to be a perfectly functional, ready to use WordPress theme. All that’s left for you to do is to install it on your website and define all your pages, menus, widgets and other elements. You may also need to upload your logo, but this is very easy to do, so you shouldn’t encounter any problems.

Last but not least, by using manual PSD to WordPress conversion services, you can rest assured you’re going to have the specific theme you want, as these companies would work with you until you are fully satisfied with the result. Automatic services don’t offer you this privilege. However, some of them are free of charge, so if you are financially challenged, you could use them to start with. Next, with a little bit of learning, you can tweak the resulting WordPress theme by yourself to make it suit your needs. You’d have to spend more time on your project, but you’d save the money you may not have.

As you can see, there are at least two ways to obtain a fresh and unique WordPress theme from a PSD layout. If you do care about your business, you should make sure your potential clients are going to remember your website, so consider making it unique.

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